Wednesday, 23 May 2012


My dear, wonderful blog readers...I am twisted with guilt at my prolonged absences the last few months.

It might have something to do with my new job, my new puppies or perhaps my fairly new marriage. Stretched a bit thin I am. Big kiss and biggest thanks for patience, new blog posts coming soon...


photo by Elizabeth Messina

PS: wouldn't this headpiece of fresh flowers by flowerwild be beautiful for a bride or her bridesmaids? Perhaps in the most chic of bohemian weddings?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mariage fran├žais

This amazing couple has pulled off the most over the top, beautiful, French chateaux wedding...

I think we can agree they have taken the vintage trend to a whole new level. Feel free to drool here.

Vogue-worthy photograph by Shawn Connell

Monday, 7 May 2012

staying together by living apart

Call me old fashioned but I think this is insane.

This article on is all about married couples living in their own separate spaces, and this being the reason they are still "happily" married.

"And I wanted more mystery, too, more of a sense that we were separate people with our own lives and interests who were choosing to spend the evening together because we wanted to, not because we were too lazy to leave the house."

Since we got married, I have encountered a lot of people who make their marriages work in unconventional ways. For example, where the husband has a more chilled job and does bed and bath duty in the evenings, while his wife is a career powerhouse. Or the husband works in another town during the week and comes home on weekends; usually a temporary arrangement. The difference with these couples is that they still share a home. I thought the best part about being married, the point of marriage was to SHARE your life with someone! I understand the importance of man night, and let-Kate-watch-Greys-in-peace-night and independence and being your own person. But this is going too far. 

Or is my thinking archaic and I've missed the point?

One of our photobooth photos by Estefania Romero Photography

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

pin of the week

pinned this beautiful decor inspiration from the pretty blog, and just had to share here:

The eco-friendly couple used recycled bottles for vases, as in our wedding. I absolutely love the relaxed, rustic feel of the whole wedding, and the blue hippie inspired bridesmaids dresses. Trust me, you want to see more...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

bubbly bubbles

Who knew South Africa had so many sparkling wine varieties?

(You see how I didn’t use the word “champagne” there, it’s trademarked you know. If you misuse it, you may find yourself chased by a hoard of angry Frenchmen brandishing wine barrels. Have you not seen the Richelieu ad?)

I digress. This weekend we went to the very first KZN BubblyFest at Piggly Wiggly in the Midlands. Was looovely. A bit pricey at R180 a ticket for 10 tasting coupons, but WOW did they fill up those glasses. It was less of a tasting and more of a giant bubbly fuelled piss up.

What I did notice was the “Polo Set” mostly in attendance. By that I mean the kind of people who both wear and play polo. Farmers in KZN are not like the Eastern Cape farmers I know and love – all khaki pant and Isuzu single cab with 15 sheep in the back. They are all terribly colonial dahhling. Life is good in the Midlands, given the number of X5’s and Mercs and LV handbags on show. It was quite a cultural experience all round.

Here are some (not very good) pics taken with my Sony point and shoot, as my Nikon baby is having herself cleaned up in Jozi.

There was an ENORMOUS wedding going on across the road

This stand sold the most incredible pea risotto with smoked salmon YUM!

Despite it's name, Piggly Wiggly is tres chic, I love the blue  barn doors

Don't be fooled by the skyscraper mielies in the background...Polo Set