Wednesday, 23 October 2013

my nelson mandela

Is not perfect
Is the reason a lot of people know about South Africa
Is not some kind of pop icon
Changed my country when I was too little to understand
Did some bad things for the greater good, not that that’s an excuse
Is human, not a saint
Famously said "There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
Deserves to die in peace, surrounded by his family and not international press and rubber neckers
Is possibly dead already, and if he is, our ruling party is disgusting to use his death as a political ploy to garner votes in next year's election
Is from my home province, the mighty Eastern Cape
Had a first wife called Evelyn who ironically hated politics
Then married a very awful woman
Loves rugby, despite its past (and some present) as a sport of the whities
Inspires millions to be better human beings, to give more and tolerate more
Changed the world

You are a legend Tata x

Madiba turned 95 this year, and in celebration 12 volunteer designers, including design heavyweights Mohammad Jogie and Jacques Lange, started the Mandela Poster Project Collective. Here are some of my favourites.

Design credits from top: Joël Guenoun (France), Byoung il Sun (South Korea), Marcelo Aflalo (Brazil), Francesco Mazzenga (Italy) , Najeeb Mahmood (India). Read more at printmag.

Friday, 11 October 2013

great advice from nicky gumble

I saw this tweet by Nicky Gumble on a very bad day. It was one of those cold, dreary days you only get in early Spring in Natal. When summer seems just a fingertip out of reach and yet miles away. When you think it's never going to be humid and sunny ever again. I was stressed out at work, fighting with my hubby and my hair was like Panda's rear-end: fluffy and with no discernible shape. 

When I read this, the thunderclouds over my head parted and revealed a crystal clear sky. 

Nicky Gumble is the vicar (that's a funny word hey? It makes me think of Rowan Atkinson in this movie. I prefer pastor) of Holy Trinity Brompton, a renowned church in London. He is more importantly the genius who developed the Alpha Course as an interactive and accessible introduction to Christianity. Nic and I have had the privilege of hosting a table at our local Alpha course, and even Bear Gyrlls had his life changed on Alpha. Nicky G. knows a bit about life.

Picture from the daily muse.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

unplugged Sunday

Last week we saw the dreaded signs up on our lovely little crescent "No electricity 29 September 7:30 to 15:30". Not amused, I immediately fired off a Whatsapp to complain to the Hub.

But then my ever supportive man reminded me that this could be a good thing, force us to chill out and UNPLUG. Turns out the power outage didn't materialise, but I still took Hub's excellent advice and chilled the heck out. I played the Let's Not Get Clawed by Panda game - her favourite, threw Howie's purple toy, cuddled with Chloe and gave the Hub much love and affection. We went to church in the evening and bought supper afterwards, instead of rushing home to cook. I don't know if it's just an accountant thing but weekends are often turned into more days of chasing the clock and getting stuff done. To follow that with 5 days of the same is just not cricket. I can highly recommend some selective unplugging, it was the best Sunday in a long time.

Amazing the things you notice when you slow down. My hydrangea and lavender are flowering for the first time this season. Aren't they pretty?

I wandered over to my pots under The Big Tree in our garden, and noticed the succulents had little flowers as well.

The Hub began restoring these awesome old chairs we bought on Saturday for the dining room. They are called Globe chairs, and were manufactured right here in Umbilo (Durban City) according to a patented design. Apparently we are well trendy in using them (we won't tell the hipsters we bought them because they fit our tiny dining room and were cheap as chips).

Sunday, 6 October 2013

spread the love with operation shoebox

I first found the link to this awesome initiative on The Jolly Jammer (she is brilliant by the way, check out her blog). Basically it works like this:

1. Register on the website for your area, and choose a drop off venue. They are currently only available in Cape Town and surrounds, Gauteng and Durbs. You get to choose the child you make the box for from a list for your area. I chose 2 girls, one aged 15 and one aged 8. They will send you a sign up email with instructions and a little about the kids you have chosen.

2. Buy the items listed in your sign up email. These are basics like toiletries, stationery and sweeties. You can add little luxuries too, for example my 15 year old likes girly things so I bought her pretty hair clips and a purple tank top.

3. Cover your shoebox/es with wrapping paper, fill them with the gifts and voila! Drop off before 1 November and make a child's Christmas.

I love this initiative because it feels so personal and you know exactly where your charity is going. Operation Shoebox is legit, they are a registered NGO so you can be quite safe that your boxes will go to kids in need.