Friday, 31 May 2013

home love

I bought this from Mr Price Home on a whim last weekend. The wonderful hubby hung it for me, just to the right of our front door.

I decided to fill the glass tubes with a protea and some fynbos because they dry out nicely and won't droop!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

four of fur

Having four pets means this:

I thought I would share some of my favourite shots of my four. Yes. Four. I am not the crazy cat lady of your nightmares, just a soft-hearted person willing to let go of all my white clothes for the love of a soft-hearted animal. Or four.

Chloe. Or Cuddles. Or the brown monkey. She is beautiful but extremely naughty. Nothing much has changed from when she was a tiny puppy.

Howie/Howard/the Woolly boy is obsessed with retrieving. Toys, slippers, socks, sticks...pretty much anything inedible. He still has the Serious Face from when he was a young pup.

Buddy came with our house. We found her living in the roof a few weeks after we moved in. The previous owners had abandoned her. She is a tortoiseshell, the vet told me tortoiseshells are only ever girls, amazing!

And lastly we have Panda. She often falls out of trees, off the kitchen counters and suffers from general clumsiness. She takes out her embarrassment on poor Howard by clawing him in the face.

They help keen me sane. In the same vein, read this sweet story about how Dakota the Great Dane found his soul mate and calculate your dogs real human age! (Howie is 20 and Chlo 18 - there is still hope that they will grow out of their rebellious behaviour!!)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

parquet...coming soon

Starting on Monday, the wonderful wood-restoring professionals took over our little house! Au revoir disgusting, NASTY carpets...bonjour perfectly sealed teak parquet floors.

I was so excited that I went on a bit of a decor googling spree to get some ideas. As one does. Will post the befores and afters of our floors next!

Love the combination of modern art and antique furniture from here:

These blue walls with glossy herringbone parquet:

The Chinese lanterns and grey mats in this trendy apartment:

And the splash of colour from this pretty apartment:

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the ballerina project

I was directed to the ballerina project by my friend and South African National Press Club Photographer AND Journalist of the Year 2012 Cornel van Heerden. (OK so I'm bragging about him a little, he's that amazing, his blog includes his award-winning portfolio!)

What an inspiring project for photographers and ballerinas alike, created by photographer Dane Shitagi.

Check out more of their beautiful images on facebook and tumblr.