Sunday, 29 September 2013

man and his best friend

One of my favourite times of the day is getting home from work and being welcomed by my puppies. They are always so pleased to see me. Howie usually has his purple toy in his mouth, now rather broken and gobby, and Coco the Bear welcomes me with the waggiest tail you've ever seen. I saw this photo on Twitter** a few weeks ago and it really touched my heart.

One of the reasons I love photography is how it makes me feel. Whether it evokes a memory so tangible I could touch it, or brings up an emotion I had long forgotten existed, it's my favourite art form. I look at that photograph and that man homeless? Or just poor? Is that dog the only companion in his harsh life? I remember being in New York a few years ago and seeing a homeless person with one dog, one cat and a BUNNY. In a bitter New York winter. But those animals were so well cared for, and I was sure he fed them before himself. Animals do that to you, when you let them into your family and into your heart.

Ryan Gosling and his dog George, who he calls "the love of his life". Eat your hearts out ladies. Taken by Hama Sanders.

George Clooney and Einstein, a Spaniel cross (don't you think he has the same serious face as Howie?). Einstein is so fabulous he appeared in Esquire, photographed by Nigel Parry.

**I would love to credit the original photographer; I think it may be Veronica Henri as the photo above is similar to this one.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

happy braai day

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa, or as some marketing genius dubbed it "National Braai Day". There is even a hilarious video. Because we all know a Saffa likes nothing better than a solid sizzle of some tasty dead animal. Ah hum. The vegetarian in me cannot be silenced.

So the Hub and I had a quiet braai at home, as was expected of us, and I ate a particularly delicious braai broodtjie (like a cheese sarmie but grilled on the barbeque YUM YUM) and roasted a marshmallow or fifteen over the embers. It was lovely. Then Howard ate a frozen pea, twerking his head while he tried to get a handle on it. Miley would be proud to call him her dog.

We also negotiated the size of our new dining room table, which the very talented Hub is making using some beautiful kiaat planks. I say negotiated because that's what it was. A negotiation. I look after the design and aesthetic, he looks after the practicalities. We have to meet somewhere in the middle where the table both fits the dining room and is not hideous. There was a point where I said "Nicholas, you can have 5cm. That is even pushing it. That's my final offer." I am learning many sales manager skills from all my business trips into the wild, rural wholesalers of SA. Broadening my accountant skill base, one might say.

All in all a satisfying day where our marriage survived some tough negotiating and we ate too many carbohydrates. Tim Noakes must be shaking his head at us.

~ Image from Beyers

Sunday, 15 September 2013

chevron pattern {fan}

I love the chevron trend. When we were desperately trying to find a large mat for our lounge, to protect the beautiful and precious parquet, we battled. Everything in the shops seemed either boring or overboard. Only the two ends of the spectrum were represented: Queen Victoria florals and wheat coloured sandpaper. You know what I mean. Eugh.

I was looking for a chevron print like this:

Or this:

Or this:

But this is South African retail after all, if you want something unique it requires going online, ordering it from the US or UK and then emptying the entire balance of your access bond.

So I'm thinking of hitting up my lounge with some chevron, ON THE CEILING. How cool is this idea? And design sponge tells you how to do it step by step. Will let you know if when the hubby and I have got it right.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

the eternal war of cats and dogs

Captured in one photograph.

The look on Panda's face says it all. It says that she has a lot of emotional problems.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

my faith

I have alluded to my faith on this blog, but never really put it out there before. I think it's time.

I believe
- in God
- in Jesus Christ
- in prayer
- in Christian community
- in going to church on a Sunday
- in sitting quietly in the morning sun with my Bible and my notebook and writing to God about life
- that I am a better person since I started going to church
- that you should never believe Hollywood when it comes to religion
- very few Christians are uber conservative zealots with a desire to judge their way through life
- in the same way, very few Muslims are bomb toting extremists
- that God sees all sin the same, so don't think you are entitled to judge that gay guy walking towards you
- that those who don't believe in God must have a hard time with peace
- everything happens for a reason, often a reason that only God knows
- it is hard to love everyone like the Bible teaches us
- some people are easier to love than others
- that I didn't know friendship until I was part of a homegroup* 
- that marriage is important and not just a legality
- in a spiritual world
- that many people in the world feel like something is missing
- that human beings were born to worship something or someone
- we are all in danger of worshiping money
- that I go to the best church in the world**

*a meeting of a few members of the church usually during the week, usually in someone's home, where we read the Bible and pray and share stories and eat lovely eats
** OK this one is pushing it a bit, but hey I can have my opinions right? ;)

Photo from oncewed